Friday, May 13, 2005

Full Thread Ahead Lunch Party

Look here what's happening - very bad news for my yarn diet!

So I have two choices: either go there and forget about my diet or go there with a strategy in mind to limit the damage to my cc. And no, not going is not an options.

So I revised ball points rules as follow:
  • Since HoJo is giving everybody 15% off MSRPs, I can buy one ball of yarn for every two balls I use from stash (not three as stated before).
  • Charity knitting counts double, so one ball for one ball.
  • And yes, I agree with Marina, balls are to be counted only after the project is finished, but I can't count them before blocking and sewing.

So, where am I with yarn points?

I have done 7 repeats of my Multidirectional Scarf and I think it'll be long enough at 10. Since I am using two balls of yarn, the scarf will earn me 1 yarn point.

I made three fish and that's about another ball, so 1/2 yarn point. The 5 Dulaan hats I still need to make will earn me another 5 points, and if I finish the Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket I get another 4 point.

That's a total of 10.5 yarn points.

Need. To. Knit. More.


  1. The thing that gets me about the baby blanket is that there are "no holes for baby's fingers to get caught". Have you ever had a problem with that? I haven't ... Good luck on using up your yarn! I should be knitting now, actually.

  2. Lu, thanks so much! Might you email me with your email address for the yarn lottery? For some reason, the MS site isn't giving that to me.


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