Friday, May 20, 2005


Why do I always, and I repeat always, knit two sleeves at once? Because otherwise this is happens:

Magic Stripes Cardi

So here is where I am now:


And it would have been so bad if only Magic Stripes did not come in balls of 330 yds while the pattern calls for 459 yds, so I am 129 yds short. In my defense I'll say I was not planning to make the hat so I was hoping I would be all right. I am not.

So I ordered another ball of Magic Stripes. And some more to get free shipping. I used all my yarn points. Does that means I won't buy yarn tomorrow at the HoJo? Yeah, right .... picture me laughing so much at the idea that I have tears in my eyes. I'll just borrow yarn points, and be in debt for a long time.

Speaking of the lunch party, I thought it would be the perfect occasion for the debut of my Nothin' But A T-shirt, so I am sewing tonight, baby!

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