Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Warning: no knitting content whatsoever!

If you ask Principessa, who is very bright but she is still 8, if her daddy baby-sits her and her brother, she would look at you with her famous “what are you, an idiot?” look and say: “When a parent spends time with their children, it is not baby-sitting, it’s PARENTING”. And yes, she will use all caps and bold font. She is very good at speaking in bold caps.
And, I repeat, she is 8 years old.
And don’t how grown women have managed to convince themselves that since their husband/partner/father-of-their-children works outside the house and they stay home with their children, they need to ask him if he can “baby-sit” his own children and then THANK HIM FOR IT?

Let’s do some math, shall we?

In a week there are 7x24=168 hours. Assuming 8 hour of sleep a day, we have 112 hours of awake time. Father in question works for 40 hours a week, plus commute we have 50 hours? Let’s make that 60. Still, we have 52 hours left, which should be equally split between parents, 26 hours each. 3.7 hours per day.

So daddy dearest should parent his children for at least 3 hours a day without being asked or thanked – it’s his job as a parent.

End of rant.

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