Thursday, May 26, 2005

Paperino's list

Before talking about business, i.e knitting, let me just say - wow, this did strike an interest! I am glad I am not the only one I think the daddies are parents as well, sometime I feel like I am the only sane person on earth.
And to answer HoJo, no, it has nothing to do with Monday night knitting or anything else personal - it was something I read and a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine who does not work (and never had) so she is always tip-top-toeing around "poor hubby who works.
Hello? I work too, and I have been a stay-home-mom twice in my life (when the children were born I took a year or so off both times), so I can say that staying home with small children is way harder than going to the office and sitting in boring meetings or in front of a computer (I know for a fact that is what her husband does).

Now, speaking of children, Gracie commented that I am such a nice mom to be knitting all those scarves - I believe the word she was looking for is "insane".

Paperino's list grew lately, because he remembered two more teachers. And Principessa all the sudden added two, maybe three more teachers (the after school teachers). She did offer to help, sweetheart, after she is done with the poncho she is making for her friend. She has about 3 inches of the poncho done, so my guess is that the poncho will be done by Christmas, so maybe she was talking about 2006 end of year presents. What? Is this going to be an yearly end of the school madness?

So, you can guess what I am knitting these days:

Openwork Scarf

Pattern here and yarn from KnitPick, Andean Treasure Summer Sky.

And since I had the camera in my hands, I took a shot of the last two Dulaan hats:

Dulaan Hats #9 and #10

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