Monday, May 02, 2005

SP4 wrap-up

A while ago I throw a tantrum because I really wanted to know who my SP4 was and Stacey was so nice to reveal herself few days in advance. She was the most wonderful secret pal and sent me the most amazing packages.

But I realized today that I never posted whom I was the SP4 to: Allie a.k.a Knitting Chick. It was really fun shopping for her - she loves knitting scarves even more than me!

Knitting news: I did not finish Nothin' But A T-shirt, I haven't casted the sleeves yet. But I this close from being done with the Soft Drawstring Pouch from Last Minute Knitted Gifts - only the tassels on the strings missing!
And I did cast for Tie One On; I am using Noro Kuryon #92 and I have realized I need one more ball - I have four and I need five. Hence the "0 days since last yarn purchase!": I just ordered it, but buying one ball to use four seems ok.

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