Thursday, April 07, 2005

Look, Knitty is feeling springy!

Yes, the new Knitty is out! Of course I dropped everything and I went to take a look at the new patterns. The first six are kind of "ugh?" fro my taste, but then came the goodies!

Who does not want a Spring Fling? I do! And there it goes in the "must-do" list.

Nona'sTie One On is definitely to tie for - I do not like Mohair (all that hair make me sneeze), but who says I can't substitute? Only problem, which one I want to make first?

Susan's Branching Out? I have Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in my stash, already printed the pattern, I am casting tonight.

I need to make Wendy's Via Diagonale - such a beautiful purse with Elann Endless Summer Sonata? Who says that I can't be put together as I were still living in Italy and not spend a fortune in the process? And yes, I know that I have more purses than shoes, but there is no such a thing as too many purses (or shoes).

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