Friday, April 08, 2005

I said I was going to do it

And here it is, Susan's Branching Out in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool:

Branching Out

and I am following advice and reading the chart instead of the written instructions - it does make it easier because you can see where the stitches stack on each other.

So, what is going to happen to Misty Garden? Don't know yet. I'll need just one ball of Silky Wool for Branching Out, so that leaves one ball for Misty Garden, that I think it is too little. So I may frog what I have done of Misty so far and re-do it with another yarn. And what am I going to do with one more ball of Silky Wool? No idea.

I finished one of Paperino's striped socks:

Paperino's stripes

The decision of how tall the cuff was going to be was hard to make. Paperino put the sock on with needles and all, then walked around the house with the ball of yarn in his hand, and after 10 minutes of deliberation came back with a verdict: "It's ok". Socks are important matters, the wrong one can ruin your reputation at school forever.

I finally took a photo of the yarn I received free of charge from Handpainted Yarn because they lost my last order:


isn't it gorgeous? The one on the left is bulky weight, the other lace.
And a decision was made about Tie One On - I am going to use Noro Kureyon from stash.

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