Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Choking at the park

It arrived:


with two more books, The Time Traveler's Wife for Knit One Read Too, and The Knitter' Handy Book of Patterns I threw in just to have free shipping.

So, lunch time, dropped the car for the smoke check, bought a sandwich and sat in the park reading. Now comes the choking part: laughing and eating together - not good. But I survived. The book is hilarious. Got to page 38.

This post could easily be entitled "Freezing in the park" though. Because no matter how nice the weather is in California - so nice I can't wear my Ribby Cardi:

Ribby Cardi

the wind is ice cold. So the part of your body that faces the direction of the wind is always cold, while the other half is warm. As I said before, if you think that weather in California is nice, you have never lived in a Mediterranean country. I want Sahara wind, please.

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  1. Hi Lu, very nice cardigan. I like the collar treatment and (2nd) color choice. Wear it with pride regardless of the weather!


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