Saturday, April 30, 2005

Knitty SP4 gifts

Today the mailman delivered this:

Knitty SP4 gifts

A package from my Knitty SP4!
She handwrapped every gifts, my children had a blast opening everything.

But fist of all, the yarn:

Knitty SP4 yarn

Colinette and Patricia Roberts - I am speechless. There are no word to describe them, so let's have a couple of more shots:

Patricia Roberts


While I was busy petting the yarn and reading the card - that really cracked me up! - my children took care of all the little packages, so how you can see, by the time I got to them, the chocolate was gone:

Knitty SP4 gifts

But they assured me it was really good and asked me to thank my friend.

The Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream smells so good, and I never have enough hand cream. This one is going in my knitting bag together with the lip balm - how did you know I can't live without lip balm and I go nuts if I don't have some with me?

The Marks & Spencer Sherbet Lemons and the Whittard of Chelsea Raspberry and Peach tea made me feel so British! I need to hide the candies from Principessa otherwise they'll be soon gone too like the chocolate.

And the post-it holder is the cutest little thing.

Thank you so much, my dearest SP!

I am going back to pet the yarn now ......

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