Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Yarn diet?

Did I write that? I must be out of my mind.
The only thing crazier than a yarn diet would be to buy more yarn. I know I posted the photo of my cherry chest, but the chest is just the beginning of it. I stored 80% of my "nice yarn" in it, I still have plastic boxes here and there. Then I have a big plastic box and a mesh square cube filled with my "squeaky" yarn, and a big plastic bag. So I do need some rules:

1. No more buying of nice yarn until it is all in my cherry chest - thank for the suggestion of jumping up and down on the yarn to push it down, Gracie, I may do that!

2. No more buying of squeaky yarn until it's all in the blue lid container - and that means that I need to get serious with my afghan squares.

Suzie is right, we should have a support group. As of today, I am on day #5 of my yarn diet.


  1. Yarn diet? You don't want any more yarn? Oh, okay.

  2. Don't panic! Era uno scherzo, naturalmente; I know SP gifts don't have any yarn calories!

  3. amica segreta, dreaming about your next package is what gives me strength .....

  4. I think that it was just a temporary lapse of insanity. You need to get the space bags so it will take up even less space!


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