Thursday, March 10, 2005

It's summer

Really, look at the weather girl. Once again, California cheated me out of winter and spring. I should be used to it by now, but I am not. I like spring and a like a mild (very mild, just enough to actually wear my scarves and my sweaters) winter. Here, I get only fall and summer. And I am told I can't complain because I do not get snow storms.

Ok, let's not dwell on weather, it's a knitting blog after all. So, two more FO's:


One sock does count as a FO, right? The hat is from the leftover of the leftover of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, for a friend's child. I still have leftover and so I am making the boy socks too: I am in full socks frenzy!

This is a still shot of my first Dulaan hat, the running hat:

Dulaan Hat

Yesterday I met with Juls, we had lunch downtown Palo Alto and we chatted about our common obsession. It is very nice to meet fellow knitters, first HoJo and then her, and find out I am not the only one who can talk about knitting, yarn, yarn stores and needles for an hour (only one hour because we had only one hour). I do that at home too, talk about yarn all the time, but it is hardly a conversation when it goes:

Me: I love this yarn, but I cannot get the gauge I want
Him: What's for dinner?
Me: maybe I should give up and use another one
Him: Pasta maybe?
Me: I think I need to buy something else
Him: Dinner?
Me: No, yarn, I think cotton is a better choice
Him: Buy more yarn?
Paperino: May I have a cookie?
Me: No
Him: Oh, ok, because there is yarn everywhere
Me: What are you talking about?
Him: You are not buying more yarn
Me: Yes, I am, I just said so
Him: You said no
Me: I did not
Paperino: So I can have a cookie?

It's summer, so I am going to SnB tonight, for more real conversations.

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