Monday, March 07, 2005


Yes, socks, look, a pair of socks:

Broadripple Socks

Not only is a pair of socks, not only I am not going to be late mailing these out to _country far away_, but they are reasonably equal.

I am done with my sock-a-pal-ooza socks!

Now I can relax and stop obsessing about the socks not be done in time or not being the same and start obsessing about "will my sock pal hate them?".

But for at least one day I shall be just happy that, look!, I finally struck them from the list. List that does not get any shorter even if I strike stuff off. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I finish one object and a start two?

And to follow that tradition, tonight I am going to cast my sissy's little black top, probably start a hat that my husband has requested for the baby of a friend of his and I do know that I won't have a minute of peace until I cast for the cardi my daughter I am going to make with some of the yarn I bought from HoJo.

So, 3 for 1?

And I need to add that now that I have made a pair of socks, I want to make more and more. Alison is right. Isn't she always?
Once I am done with Pricipessa high knee socks, I want to make this and this (with the yarn Deb sent me) and this .....


  1. It feels really good, doesn't it? A pair of socks! Mine are done too and I have just started another pair for my husband. Keep the socks going, Lu.

  2. Lu, the socks look absolutely wonderful.

  3. Lu, the socks look absolutely wonderful.

  4. Beautiful socks, and I'm not even a fan of pink :) Great job. And your right...As always, Alison speaks the truth (or knitting gospel if you will LOL)...socks are addicting!

  5. These are fantastic - fantastic colour. I"m seeing so many great sockapalooza socks!


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