Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sunny Saturday

Look what Agnes has sent me:


Aren't they beautiful? And about stitch markers, I have bought some from Suzie too - she is selling them to start up a small non-profit. Hop over and buy some!

On stash enhancement news, this morning I have met HoJo and bought some of her stash - beautiful yarn! We chatted for a good half hour and I suggest to put her blog in your bloglines because she is planning big things. I am so excited for her!

Knitting news:
The last two days I have gone to SF for the day: Caltrain = 50 minutes of knitting a day. Yes, it's only 25 minutes from PA to SF now, thanks to the baby bullet. If I do appreciate being in the city in such a short time, it's only 25 minutes of knitting.

So I worked on my second sockapalooza sock and I am at the heel - I am so happy I'll be done by tomorrow. I realized that I have started to stress about it - my pal is outside the US so I really want to mail these out Monday or Tuesday.

For a change, I am in "finishing" mode - I do not want to start anything new until I get some of my WIPs out of the way. I have been working on my Ribbi Cardy and on the Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket for Touching Little Lives.


  1. Cute cute markers!

    I'm so excited to see your Ribby Cardi!

  2. Ever since I know how to make these markers, I made myself a whole bunch using beads and charms I bought from Michael's. Suzie's are different ... her beads are more sophisticated and beautiful.
    I am about to finish my second sock using Fixation too.

  3. Hi Lu:

    I'm glad your daughter liked the pink, it is so cute. It was so fun meeting you. Post pictures when you're done!


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