Saturday, February 05, 2005

What I learned today

I learned that I can't, cannot, am not going to have a gauge of 32sts/4" with Cascade Fixation, no matter how small the needle I use. No way. The gauge is 24sts/4" on #4 and going down needle size changes NOTHING. So goodbye to Happy Sox, welcome back to Wavy Rib Socks by Charlene Hatfield, whose required gauge is 24sts/4" - I am starting to love the number 24.

I learned that me two fronts of my Ribby Cardi do not match:


You do not see it? Detail:

It is easily fixed, but what the heck?

I learned that I have some yellow yarn in stash that I can use for PIP even if I have no idea of what to make:


and prompted me to re-organize my stash - cotton with cotton, handpainted with handpainted as so on:


Look what I got yesterday:


some from an order at Elann, some from a fellow knitter. Elann ...... just placed an order for needles that I am missing in my collection, and did not order any yarn. What's wrong with me? Sock gauge stress, I guess.


  1. Let us all have a moment of silence for the fallen Happy Sox pattern.

    I love your ribby cardi! It is looking great. I'm so impressed with your stash organization. I went through and organized mine and wrote down what I had, but it is still a big mess. I'll have to keep an eye out for some boxes.

    I bet if I listen well enough, I can hear your yarn calling you as well!

  2. Sorry about your Happy Sox. I want to try that pattern too.

    Love the yellow Patons Cotton DK. I'm hoping to get some new yarn for my PIP project too.

    You have some beautiful yarn choices here!


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