Sunday, February 06, 2005

It's 8 am on a Sunday morning, for Pete's sake!

And before that it was 7 - the first time I was waken up. I have a question for all the moms out there: why I need to drag out my children out of bed during the week and they are up at 7 during the weekend?
And to put that in prospective, I wake them up at 7:30 on school days and 7 is very early for me. I am not a morning person. I can stay up until dawn no problem, but I hate not to be able to sleep in the morning. My brain does not work until 10, maybe 10:30.

Anyway, this morning the first wake up call where the kids - I sent them downstairs to eat cereal and went back to sleep. Then 8 o'clock, the phone rings. My sister from Italy, calling me to have me telling her "Happy Birthday" (I would have done later, I swear) and asking where her canotta is. Answer: in the queue.
I never told her it would have been ready for her birthday, but since I sent my niece Daisy, she asked why not send her thing too?

Because it is not done.

I have it planned for a "courier" - how I call people visiting from or to Italy - in the middle of March, I did not know about the February courier until it was too late to make the canotta.
And waking up the knitter early in the morning is no way to speed her up.

I need an espresso - badly.

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  1. Waking up a knitter to ask about the whereabouts of a gift is definitely a no-no!

    And, I don't know why kids wake up earlier on weekends, but I know I did it when I was little. Maybe part of the problem is that parents want to sleep later on weekends, but kids are going to wake up more or less the same time? (And they tend not to stay up later reading, knitting, or watching TV just because it's a weekend . . . something I know that I, at least, do!)


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