Monday, February 07, 2005

A FO with no photo

It's done, finished and is already been worn. I am talking about the sweater for Paperino, who this morning went to school wearing his new "poncho" - yes, everything that mommy knits is called "poncho". I did know let myself go to sleep last night until I finished, so I stayed up until 2 am. I truly hate sewing.
I have no photo of it because ALL the batteries of the digital camera were dead this morning - I'll take one tonight. It's raining, actually pouring, so horrible light anyway.

So, what's next? Well, after the wake up call of yesterday morning, I have no choice, I am swatching for the canotta tonight. The Spennakero is worsted weight (15sts/4"), while the pattern calls for bulky (10.5sts/4"), but it is such a simple pattern I should have no problem at all to figure it out, even if I am sending my sister these possible choices:

Katia Portofino Summer Top

Summer Net Shell

Bonne Marie's uCan2 Shell

that all have the right gauge.

I finished another afghan square as well, so all five of them are going in the mail today to SSK today.

And I got yarn! Well, that's not a surprise, you will say. But I got yarn from the UK in 4 days! Yes, my Jaeger is already here and I love it. Bookmark Cucumberpatch UK, good prices and fast and cheap shipping.

And I got the yarn that I bought from Caitlyn: 5 skeins in Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in pink and 12 skeins of Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca, 6 celery and 6 ecru. This is stash, because I have no plans whatsoever for it.
And I bought this from her as well:

Big Book of Knitting

Reading and knitting tonight.


  1. Can't wait to see the picture of the new FO!

    You're making me so jealous with your new yarn acquisitions. Love your yarn choices!

  2. Hi Lu, if I were your sister, I would choose the summer net shell. Simple and elegant.
    BTW, I've tagged you ... go to my blog and get the questions. Thanks.


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