Friday, February 04, 2005

The cables and me

Waiting for my Mariah yarn to arrive, I decided I should practice my cables. I got the idea from the Knitty Gritty episode All about aran and I decided to make a Rope Cables Afghan Square:


It was really easy and I did take me about one hour. And so, yes, 4 squares done, I am making another one by Sunday (maybe a Horseshoe Cable Afghan Square) and then they are in the mail on Monday to the connector of SSK so that they can be turned in afghans for PPR.

But tonight I am going to work on my Ribby Cardi that needs to be finished before Jaeger Trinity arrives - have you ever hoped for very slow shipping?

Last night I (of course) watched ER - final scene, a knitted cap. Well, I am not the only weirdo out there who noticed the cap and it's wondering "Umh, could I make that?". There is topic about it on the Knitter's Review Forum - glad to know other are as obsessed as me.

An speaking of which, I got today the yarn that a bought from a fellow knitter on the forum who is de-stashing: more Sock It to Me Collection Esprit in a very nice lavender color and Endless Summer Collection Sonata in a beautiful pink.

Pink? My new niece was born just one hour ago and I was planning to make her a Daisy with an unknown variegated cotton someone gave me. No, she is definitely going to have the Sonata.

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  1. Congrats on your new niece! How exciting!

    Love the cables - I saw that episode as well - I'll prob be making some squares too - like I need more projects!


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