Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another hat is done

I really like making hats, it's a one evening project so fast satisfaction - I cast and after a couple of hours ...... da da:

Cashmerino Hat

I still have almost three balls of leftover, one for each color. I thought about little socks but I have changed my mind and I'll make a Skinny Scarf. I'll probably make a toddler scarf, so fewer than 400 stitches (gulp!). But I need to buy some circular for that, the only #8 I have are 12" long - not going to work. But do I love them - Addis Turbo. Denise and I, sorry, did not work. Cannot put up with the stickiness of it. So I added a pair of Addis to my last Elann order, and bang, love at first stitch. What can I say, I am metal needles kind of girl.

As I said yesterday, to day I am going to work on my sockapalooza socks. It's a promise.


  1. Cute cute hat!!

    I adore Addis as well!

    Have a great night!

  2. Hi there, I am crocheting a skinny scarf too, using Bernat Matrix and the pattern on the label.
    Thanks for giving me the Denise cord. I suppose you've decided to use the Addis needles, right? Tell me if you like them. I am not choosy about needles and accessories, but may try it out next time I see them in Knitting Room (San Jose).

  3. Oops ... I must have not enough sleep. I missed the phrase "love at first stitch" ... hahaha ...

  4. The hat is so adorable! I love all the things you knit -- they all look so nice.

  5. Cute hat.

    I love making hats. I've made more hats than anything else.

    I've never tried Addi's. I've tried Inox which were nice for a 100% cotton project I was knitting. One day I'm going to try a pair just to see how I like them.


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