Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sock-a-pal-ooza misnap

Is misnap an English word? When I am tired (and I am, very), my brain goes back to Italian and I start making up words.

Anyway, the yarn I bought for Sock-a-pal-ooza arrived, so I decided to read my secret recipient's preferences. Why didn't you do that BEFORE buying the yarn? You'd ask. Don't ask please, I do not know. So, of course, the yarn is not ok. She does not like that color.

Ok, yarn shopping again, yeah! So maybe I did it on purpose?

I did order the right yarn (right color AND right fiber) and for reason I won't say because I could give away my secret, I decided the patter I need to use is Happy Sox Pattern, design by Sarah E. Burns.

Now, she uses Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn, I have ordered Cascade Fixation. I need a gauge of 32sts/4" on needles #0, while Fixation has gauge for sock of 24 sts/4" on #4 needle; so if I go down to #3 or #2, or even #1, I should be ok. I see some swatching in my future.

Did I say that I got these lately?



I am not overly impressed with Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, but I just browsed it. I haven't had time to even open Simple Socks.

Back to the socks, I am going to make the Wavy Rib Socks with Garden Spring anyway.

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