Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This week is for finishing

I am going to have two FO's this week, maybe tonight - really pleased!

Daisy is done, all I need to do is sewing it up, attach the buttons and do the daisies. I used 1 skein of Cascade 220 Dusty Rose and I just loved the pattern. Loved so my that I am thinking of not making a cotton blanket for my other niece who is coming in February, but a Daisy for her too. I may decided that Daisy is for nieces.

I just need to knit 1 inch of the Stripe and Solid Sweater, then the collar and that's done too. I brought to me at work hoping to have some time to work on it at lunch time.

What do I like best about completing projects? That I get to pick the next ones!

Looking at my queue, I have:
- the hats with the DB Cashmerino Aran leftover from the ChildHoods to make - I can whip each of them in one evening (if I found the pattern I chose - maybe I bookmarked it, maybe not);
- the Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket for Touching Little Lives - another evening.

Little projects are so satisfying!

But, the big projects ..... so behind. Tomorrow night I am going to work on my afghan squares - my goal is to make one per week, it is January 25 and I have made .... one, only one. Bad Lu, very bad Lu.

In my everlasting efforts to stay on tracks, I bought myself this:


and I have listed all my project on it, one for page, with all the important info, pics of the ones I have finished, strands of yarn, etc. No more "I am away from my computer, who knows what I am supposed to work on today, I'll start something new" excuse for me!

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  1. Yay for 2 FO's!!!

    I love the Knitting Journal, where did you get it?


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