Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Teddy too!

That said, Paperino dived in my stash to find a suitable combination of yarn for Teddy's hat. If Samantha has a hat, a poncho, a skirt and one sock (omg, is that a sock?), Teddy needs a hat too!


Teddy's ears do present a challenge, but he is not complaining.


So, did you see on Sam's foot? My first sock! I would have never made it without
Socks 101. And I am still to make the second one - hopefully similar to the first, bust still ..... a sock! I used this pattern. And I have a FO, the hat! Santa did bring me my Denise, so armed of two circular needles and this, I did it.

My first hat

Again, isn't it cute? Paperino wants to wear it because right now purple is his favorite color - I tried to point out that it more violet than purple, but he is in a knitted objects jealousy phase so he would wear a skirt if I knitted one big enough for him.

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