Monday, December 27, 2004

It's raining

Actually, it's pouring cats and dogs. My plan for today was to go to a park and knit while the kids would tire themselves to death running - so much for that plan!
I can still knit but they are going to have a bad case of cabin fever soon.

Speaking of knitting, Santa brought Principessa an American Doll and I have been ordered a whole wardrobe for her. I discovered that knitting for a 18" inches doll is quite fun - I can make my own patterns, one hour and I am done and the doll does not complain if I am using the cheapest acrylic around. So, here I present you the poncho outfit:


And today I am to make hat and socks to go with it. I never made socks before so I figured that doll socks are a good way to start. I am sure that it will be the beginning of a new addiction.

As for knitting for real people, not much progress on the Ribby Cardi:


but I am done with one of the childHood cardi and with the back of the second one:


I started the second one before sweing up the first - did I ever mention I hate sewing?


  1. Nice work! I have wanted to do some knitting for dolls too. Have a nice that loves her dolls.

    Saw that you are part of the Mariah along too. Can't wait to start on that!

  2. Welcome to Fiber RAOK!!

    Santa was good to Principessa! I had one of those dolls growing up and I adored it. And, how lucky she is to have a mom that will make her outfits. Good luck with the socks - they are addicting!

    The Ribby Cardi looks great. I'm working on mine too, it is a fun knit.


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