Thursday, December 30, 2004

One childHood is done


isn't Panda doing a good job modeling it? Here is a more traditional shot:


I am knitting non-stop the second one since it is the third time I am casting - I have a problem counting up to 59. So nothing about all my other projects, but I have joined Cara's Knit One Read Too read along and I am game for Alison's socka-pal-ooza.

Speaking of socks, socks and small spoon have been disappearing from my house. I know for sure I have lost 4 spoons and there are never clean socks in my drawer. Check the laundry basket, you say? Done it, nothing there either. I used to think the cleaning lady was getting creative with the spoons - she has a tendency never to put away stuff with similar stuff, like she puts pans with plates, mugs with tupperware, etc, but the little yellow spoons have been missing for months now.


  1. Lovely sweater! The panda looks great too!!! :o)
    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. The sweater looks great!!

    Thanks for the help with bloglines. But I do have a question for you - how do I get the button on my site that says to subscribe with bloglines?


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