Saturday, December 18, 2004


Noro arrived and I could not resist and I swatched. I know, it is not supposed to be on the needles yet, and technically, it's not. Just a little swatch with #131

Noro Kureyon #131

And as usual I am right on target: 5 stiches/1 inch on needles #7.

That leads to my next confession, I rarely check my gauge. I usually have the exact gauge as reported on the label, so why bother? Plus the thrill of knitting dangerously. But I did swatch for the Ribby Cardi and I shouldn't have. My gauge was too too tight so I went up a needles size, but I have the distinct feeling that it is not right. The thing looks too big and too loose. Oh well, I'll need to start over .... again.

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