Friday, December 17, 2004

Since everybody is doing it .....

few things about me:
  1. I was born in Roma - aka Rome, Italy.
  2. That means that I am Italian: a person is Italian if they are born in Italy and hold an Italian passport. Saying stuff like, "I am Italian too, from Detroit", is silly. Really silly.
  3. I am Sagittarius.
  4. I live now in California - nice weather. Not great, just nice. If you think that the weather in California is great, you are not from Mediterranean country.
  5. You do not want to be around me in the morning before I had my espresso.
  6. I drink american coffee only if I am desperate for a caffeine fix and there is no other source in sigh.
  7. I do not like tiramisu. The fact the I am Italian does not make me like all Italian food. I can make a mean tiramisu, but I won't eat it.
  8. I do not go to Italian restaurants. The good ones are overpriced (and not as good as myself), the cheap ones ..... why would I want to go there anyway?
  9. My favorite dishes to eat are pizza and pad thai.
  10. I spend too much on yarn and shoes.
  11. I have difficult hair - it did not adjust well to moving here. It goes back to normal when I go home.
  12. Italy is not home anymore but I still say "When I go home".
  13. When I am home, I say "When I go home" and I mean when I go back to California.
  14. I do not have a place that really feels like home anymore.
  15. My children's home is California, so California is more home than Italy
  16. I have an hard time with capital letters - I forget to use them.

to be continued .....

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