Sunday, December 19, 2004

Knitting ADD

I am having a bad episode of knitting ADD. Not only I swatched Noro when I sm not supposed to start the poncho before I finished Valerie, but yesterday evening I decided I needed to use circular needles. I realized that circular needles are used to knit scarf lengthwise so I just grabbed a ball of sport yarn from my stash (needles are #6), I casted 180 stitches and I started knitting. I cannot purl with those thing, cannot figure out how to hold the yarn - which I am holding with the left hand. Plus when I turned the needles for the first time, all the stitches are twisted! Not big deal, because I can knit in the back so the stitches come out right, but it is weird.
Then I decided I needed some kind of pattern, and I chose SIDEWAYS GARTER STITCH SCARF from the Blue Blog, and I unravel all my knitting because I decided for another yarn.
To make up for the episode, I knitted Valerie for two hours and I am almost done with the right side.
Then this morning I read the lasts on January One and the urge to make Clapotis got stronger, I even started to price the yarn online.

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