Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Monts After and Counting

My last entry was Marsh 15th? Really? It is just about time I come up for air. Let's what happen in the last two months and half .......
On March 25th about 300 grandparents came to visit for Grandparents' Day, on May 6th about 600 people came for the 50th Anniversary of La Entrada, in between an online auction, and saying yes to be the secretary of one foundation and one of the VP of another, no wonder I had no time to blog.

Since I posted last time I weaved in the 105 ends of the Sesia Ribby Pulli and I actually wore it a couple of times (courtesy of crazy Californian weather):

Sesia Ribby Pulli

I made a sweater for my neighbors' new baby:

Tahki Classic Baby Pullover

and a poncho to wear to the 1969 Spring Auction:

1969 Poncho

My friend Hollis gifted me with some wonderful cashmere that became Juno Regina:

Cashmere Juno Regina

I made her socks in return:

Hollis' Charade Socks

Finally, I brought Paperino to the movies to see "Pirates of the Caribbeans": 2 hours and half of my live I never will get back, but I made a hat:

"At the movies" Blue Hat

7,143 yards of yarn knit in 2011 so far. And now on planning for the six weeks in Italy .......

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