Friday, February 25, 2011

Blissfully Alone - last day

Photos from Stitches:

Knitmore knitup swag
Knitmore Girls goody bag

Malabrigo Lace
Malabrigo Lace

Tess' Designer Ribbon
Tess' Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon

Flexie 8
Flexie 8 hair/shawl pins


Knit light and highlighter tape
Knit light and highlighter tape

Un-progress on the Ribby Pulli:

Ribby Pulli

So I finished, tried on and hate it. The short sleeves look silly on me and I did not like the scoop neck, so rip rip rip, I am re-knitting with long sleeves and crew neck.

From Hollis's stash:

Juno Regina

Yesterday Hollis handed me two half projects that were not working for her and were handed to the frog pond. Rip rip rip, this cashmere is becoming Juno Regina.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blissfully Alone - Day 5

Again, randomly:

1. Yesterday I went to Santana Row and back without getting lost. Still amazed at myself. Yarn and fiber were not involved, but storage from The Container Store.

2. So far I exercised 5 days in a row. Not having a family is good for me?

3. Without my kids bugging me about it, I do not do laundry. I got really close to have nothing to wear.

4. Today I went to Purlescence, again without getting lost, but only because I had Hollis in the car with me. Did NOT buy yarn, but then I scored some at Hollis' house.

5. I really need to knit Hollis a pair of socks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blissfully Alone - Day 4

The sun is out, I am too. When I am not, knitting progress on the Rubby Pulli:

Ribby Pulli

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blissfully Alone - Day 3

Today I went to Tiburon and back without getting lost. If you know me, you understand that it is nothing short than miraculous. If you do not know me, just know that I can get lost in my own house going to the bathroom.
To be completely honest, I drove there no problem, after all, it is "take 280 and go straight until you hit 131 and turn right." And to make things easier, when you have to turn right, it clearly says "Tiburon."
Coming back, I thought I would take 280 after the crossing the Golden Gate. I ended up in 101. But I was not lost, I knew where I was (Lombard and then Van Ness) and knew how to get home.
And I did. To a empty home.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blissfully Alone - Day 2

1. Sun, hence pictures for tomorrow post.

2. Correction to yesterday post (any inaccuracies was due to yarn fumes, so I am writing this in the morning before I go to Stitches again and come back intoxicated and I am saving it): I did buy sock yarn, one skein of Abstract Fiber Super Sock in Knitmore.

3. I did not bought yarn today. That does not mean I bought nothing.

4. When I came back from Stitches, I went to the gym. Feeling very virtuous.

5. Principessa is not calling or texting me, and that can only means good news.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blissfully Alone - Day 1

Randomly ....

1. My husband and Paperino left yesterday, I dropped Principessa at an ungodly hour at her school this morning, I am blissfully alone for a week.

2. There is fly in the house and I am afraid of flies, but I can't kill them. My husband or Paperino are the ones who kill flies, so I miss them.

3. I was at Stitches West all day.

4. I did not buy any sock yarn. That does not mean that I did not buy yarn.

5. I met the Knitmore Girls, who are even nicer in person than on the podcast. They gave me yarn and a mug. But I would have thought they were nicer in person more than on the podcast even if they have not given me yarn.

6. I saw lots of people who had not seen in a while, including Nathania who was wearing with bunny ears. I was in caffeine withdrawal so I did not recognize her, all I could see was a very tall person with bunny ears.

6. I bought furniture. At a yarn and fiber convention. It takes skill.

7. I have no picture because it is raining. A lot.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Washington DC Wear

Last week, in 77° weather I made her model her Washington DC scarf, mittens, and hat:

Washington DC Trip Set

The smile is all about her texting mittens:

Washington DC Trip Set

Saturday, February 05, 2011

World Nutella Day

The best way to eat Nutella? With a spoon (why mess with perfection?)

But on pasta frolla is not bad either:

Biscotti di pasta frolla con Nutella