Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blissfully Alone - Day 1

Randomly ....

1. My husband and Paperino left yesterday, I dropped Principessa at an ungodly hour at her school this morning, I am blissfully alone for a week.

2. There is fly in the house and I am afraid of flies, but I can't kill them. My husband or Paperino are the ones who kill flies, so I miss them.

3. I was at Stitches West all day.

4. I did not buy any sock yarn. That does not mean that I did not buy yarn.

5. I met the Knitmore Girls, who are even nicer in person than on the podcast. They gave me yarn and a mug. But I would have thought they were nicer in person more than on the podcast even if they have not given me yarn.

6. I saw lots of people who had not seen in a while, including Nathania who was wearing with bunny ears. I was in caffeine withdrawal so I did not recognize her, all I could see was a very tall person with bunny ears.

6. I bought furniture. At a yarn and fiber convention. It takes skill.

7. I have no picture because it is raining. A lot.

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