Friday, January 01, 2010


My first resolution for 2010 is do less. And believe me, it will be a tough one to follow through. Be back here in 365 days to see how I did.

Second one, in that line of thought, is not to write one single pattern. I did write 12 patterns in 2009 (they are all free, but they are not going to be free forever, so go on to Ravelry and download them now that you can), and in 2010 I plan on working on my ever growing list of favorite patterns.

Third is to finish my list of sweater of the 2009 National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathon: I completed only four out of 12 sweaters (Everything But the Kitchen Sink, One Skein Wonder, Summer Cardi, White Sparkling Shrug), but I have three more in progress (Ingenue, Karabella Fence, and Sahara.)

Fourth is to knit more for myself. Go ahead, laugh, I know I say so every year. In 2009 I managed exactly four projects for me. Out of 54.

January Arm Warmers
Click on the photo to see all my 2009 projects.

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