Sunday, November 01, 2009

And yet a new toy

Introducing my new Kromski Harp, better know to the family as Harpie:

Table Loom

I blame this one on one of the girls from Stash and Burn, who started weaving a while ago. Interesting enough, nobody in my family seemed surprised to see a loom showing up, I guess since I knit, I spin, I dye yarn, and I make candles and soaps, they were just wondering how come no weaving so far. As long as sheep do no show up in the backyard ....

My first weaving project has come up a little rigid: newbie mistake, I beat the hell out of the weft:

SOLO Scarf

My second project was supposed to be a table mat, but I completely screwed up the calculation for the warping, so I have no idea what it will be (pictures as soon as I figure it out.)

But I am still knitting, I finished my latest Jaywalkers:

Summer 2009 Jaywalkers