Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SP12 Question of the Week #3 and more

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

Uhm, that is not an easy one. The perfect stash would e the one in which I always find the yarn I need at 2 in the morning for the project I just decided to start. Short of that, I try to keep my stash around 400 balls, for no reason in particular, except maybe that it fits in my regular hiding storage places.

This year I made a plan for my stash and this bring me to the project for this month, Jay by Debbie Bliss from Junior Knits, using 55% Hemp/45% Wool from Hemp Traders in Berry Blue. I decided to make the smallest size because it calls for 600 yards of yarn and I do have 600 in Berry Blue. And beside that, the smallest size is for 2-3 years old, but it has a circumference of 32.5" (don't ask, it's absurd, I know) so I figured it would fit Paperino. I have 1,000 yards of this yarn in Chili Red, enough for a cardi for me, but before committing to a project for me, I wanted to see how the yarn would feel after it has been knitted and washed, it is pretty rough in the ball. Now, a more sensible person would have knit a swatch, washed it and there it the answer right. Swatching? Never crossed my mind, so I got this:


The red top is mind, so this thing is larger than my top. I was supposed to have a gauge of 18 sts = 4", instead I got 16, so instead of 148 sts/18*4= 32.8" I theoretically got 148 sts/16*4=37", but since gauge always lies, the thing is actually 40". It fits me, if I overlook the fact that it barely hits my belly button.

And then I knit a swatch and I washed it:

Hemp/Wool Swatch

Still scratchy. It's going to be a rug.

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