Friday, January 11, 2008

I knew it

Thuja Socks

And I mean, I knew for sure that I did not have enough yarn for the second sock because once I finished the first one, I weighted it. 60 grams. How much yarn did I have left? 54 grams. 6 grams missing, pretty much a toe.

Ok, so here is my question. Actually, I have two questions:

1. Why, for the love of wool, I keep knitting socks from the top down, when I like toe up better and I do not end up with a missing toe?

2. Even if I know that I have not enough yarn, does it make it better?

I decided to knit the second sock anyway; now I am going to rip some rounds, to make the second one a little shorter, finish the second one ripping off the toe of the first one, and then I'll re-knit the first one a little shorter.

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