Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007, 2008

At the beginning of 2007 I made a list of resolutions - and I went back to check them out because 1. I did not remember if I did, 2. I had no idea how they went.

So, I wanted to knit more for me because in 2006, out of 84 FO's only 8 were for me. 2007? 3 out of 67. No comment. (But I swatched for this cardigan last night, even got gauge!)

I wanted to knit from stash, and I think I did. I still have 470 balls of yarn in my stash, and I still have sweater quantity of Malabrigo, hemp, Karabella Aurora 8, Blue Sky Alpacas, Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp - but I manage to use all my Pakucho, I made this, and almost all my Karaoke for Sursa. Why still 470 then?

I wanted to finish all my 2006 UFO's, and I still have two (or three, it depends how I count) standing. Among these, the only one that really bothers me is the SKB: I finished the first sleeve at the end of September, and then I got sidetracked by the x-mas knitting, I am so close! (If I do not start three more sweaters because I am going to knit for me this year, for sheep's sake!)

2008? I have 19 FO's (plus one "in time out"), among which 6 are for me (if I do not give them away), and 470 balls of yarn.

Just for the record.

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