Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sock Yarn Shawl

Since I have about 20 projects or so due soon for various reasons, I am completely enamored with the one that I am knitting just because:

Sock Yarn Shawl

Your basic top down shawl, a basket full of all my leftover sock yarns, no plan but changing the yarn every ten rows. There has been other knitting too, a present due tomorrow afternoon is done (with about 18 hours to spare!):

Mossy Jacket

Pattern by Fawn Pea, available here, I used one skein of Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet in Periwinkle, doubling it, and about half ball of Fibranatura Sensational.

Basic Hat

A hat to go with these, and tiny tiny socks for a bookmark (pattern by Cat Bordhi here):

Treasure Forest Sock Bookmark

But I keep going back to my shawl, and I like it so much that I am going to have a contest about it - come back tomorrow (or Monday.)

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