Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Lime and Violet is the podcast that got me into knitting podcast, and into finally understanding why an iPod is the best thing after yarn and needles. Those two ladies are hysteracally funny in my opinion, and even if I now enjoy many knitting podcasts, I aways look forward to a new L&V episode. The last thing they came up with is right up their alley: Knitwars.
Go sign up. Seriously, as they would say.
The basic idea of the game is that you get points (XP) and gold for certain activities, like finishing up a FO or doing one lace repeat. The XP brings you up to the next level (I am at 77 right now, o idea when I'll go up), while the gold has no in-game use, but it has been suggested to use it as 1 gold = $1 to control your yarn buying. Since there is a correlation between how much do you knit and how much gold you accumulate, it does make sense, like calories out, calories in.
Since I joined I finished my first Sockapalooza 4 sock (50 pieces of gold), I finished a striped hat I started before vacation (25 pieces of gold), and I casted on a Chevron scarf (1 piece of gold):

Chevron Scarf

Good thing that casting on is only 1 gold!

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