Monday, May 14, 2007

See these?

Wips Jan 2007

My list for the UFO Resurrection 2007:

1. Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar from Book 2 - IN TIME OUT
2. Reynolds Dover Pullover
3. Inspiration Scarf - DONE!
4. Logcabin Blanket
5. Larkspur Hat
6. Simple Knitted Bodice
7. Debbie Bliss' Mia from the book "Junior Knits" - DONE!
8. Lacy Scarf - FROGGED
9. Jimmy's Baby Gift Sweater Set - DONE!
10. Tank top - DONE!
11. Tiger Eye Lace Scarf - FROGGED
12. Foot in the Door socks - FROGGED
13. Jaywalker - DONE!
14. Watermelon Socks - DONE!
15. Sock-ret socks - DONE!
16. Lake Taneycome Sunset Socks - FROGGED

How many left? 4! Yep, four! (The sweater in time out does not count until November when I'll work on it again - it will be my November sweater forever).

Latest accomplishment? Number 7!


It is too short, if you ask me, but she likes it. And I have half ball of Cascade Sierra left, so I can always pick up stitches and lengthen it if she decides to agree with me.

This month? I am finishing #2 and #5. Yes, I know, I am kind of cheating because I just need to seam the pullover and make the I-cord for the hat, but hey, I have another dozen projects I am working on. How comes I get the feeling that this "getting rid of UFOs" business is not working?

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