Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No excuses

I am a bad blogger, no excuses. What can I say? It's almost summer and I have to get a shipment out of Italy. Not that the two things are related, but summer means hot, hot means low energy (at least for me, I am a creature of winter and dark), and this shipment business is absorbing all my energy, and some.
Today I had a meeting with a UPS-SCS guy and I think I am in love with brown. What can brown do for you? everything. And most of all, they can get our stuff out of Italy and HERE!

I have been knitting, no photos though, so you'll need to believe me. I am making a second baby set in powder blue: a friend of mine just because gramma of twins, so one down, one to go. I am done with the sweater, working on the hat.

I am working on a felted bag that I should finish tonight. I usually do not like felting - all that work to make all those pretty stitches and then they are gone? Not my cup of tea. So I do not know what gotten into me, maybe the heat or being so tired. I am using Lamb's Pride, that is a pleasure to work with, both colors; the body is fuchsia, the handles and the flap purple. I could say I planned that way, but let's be honest, I just ran out of yarn.

I can't bring myself to pick up the stitches for the snap cardigan: picking stitches is the most favorite thing of mine when it comes to knitting; I rather seam miles than pick up stitches.

I joined some more KALs: Sockapalooza 4, well, who hasn't? And I have already started my pal's socks, Little Child's Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks in CTH Supersocks, not idea the name of the colorway, but it is blues and purples. I actually started them twice, the first time I was using some new Addis Turbo 12 in I got just for socks, and I hated them. Truly hated them. Ripped the thing off and started again with my beloved dpn's.

Knitters Tea Swap 3, that is not a secret this time around, so I know that my partner is Barbara.

And least but not last, 2007 Summer Stash Out: I have to tell you, I am so tired right now, that not even buying yarn appeals to me. Should I be worried?

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