Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Break is over

Spring Break is over, the kids are back to school, and nobody looked at me this morning and asked: "What are we going to do today?". Somehow, the fact that I am responsible for their entertainment during breaks has not sunk in yet. Ten years of working mom habits are hard to break.
But break was fun. We went bowling, and swimming (want more knitting time? get the kids on a swim team and you get about 6 hours of interrupted knitting time per week). We visit Hollis, and that was especially delightful. When I used to work there, we never got to have lunches together, or just hang out; usually she was running in while she was running out.
I brought her some of my yarns, so if you are in the Bay Area, stop by and take a look!
And since we are talking business, I have update my shop and I still have this bag

TM Sock in Ciclamini

to wind and put up there. If you happen to be a store owner, I do wholesale orders, just let me know if you are interested.
After long consideration, I have decided to put patterns for sale on my patterns page. The first one up is a pattern that was available on Chiagu until now:

Library - 1600

Payment by paypal, pattern emailed to you as a pdf file. Next pattern up will be something I have designed for One Planet Yarn and Fiber - not saying anything more.

Now that I am done with the self-promoting, back to the knitting.
Mia is done! All done, seams and all. the only thing that is missing a kilt pin to close it. See how the list for the UFO Resurrection 2007 is getting shorter? The list of things on the needles is NOT getting any shorter, but at least I won't have any project from 2006 soon. Or by the end of 2007, I will settle for that.

I should be working on my Snap Cardigan, but last night the only project I had in the basket near my bed I was inspired to knit on my Sugar Maple Shawl in cashmere. I have used 200 of the 800 yards of yarn I plan to use, so I am 25% done!

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