Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A hat, a sock, and some more

I have knitting, and I can actually show some of it!

First of all, a baby hat:

Baby Hat

I have been playing with making self-striping yarn for my Etsy shop, and this is my very first experiment. I think I'll keep playing, and maybe dye some in the Hogwarts House colors.

Then, one sock:

Lichen Ribbed Sock

Yup, just one because it is for my LYS - Hollis asked me if I would knit her a sock with JoJoLand Melody. Me? Knitting a sock? Of course! We chose one of JoJoLand pattern, but I felt it was not showing off this gorgeous yarn very well, so I ripped back and decided to go with another pattern (now that I think about it, Hollis does not know this yet), the Lichen Ribbed Sock by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks. I think that the 3x1 rib really shows off the yarn. And the heel was pretty interesting too - not sure I liked it, but hey, something new.

For more in the "I can show you this" category, it looks like both Principessa and I will have a new cardi soon:

Snap Cardigan

Snap Cardigan, pattern by Leslie Scanlon, yarn: Pakucho Organic Cotton, for me and


Mia, pattern by Debbie Bliss from the book "Junior Knits", yarn: Cascade Sierra, for Principessa; and it is actually done, I just have to sew up the sides. AND, it counts for my UFO Resurrection 2007, because it was there, in the photo, number 7.

What else? I have been dyeing up a storm, new yarns, like this merino and tencel blend:

TM Sock in Toscana and Alpi

or this Blue Faced Leicester:

Blue Faced Leicester in Orchidea

A lot of it is going to Foreign Strand, all the way to the UK.

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