Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lots of mail and one FO

Almost a week with no posts? Bad blogger, very bad blogger.
I'll skip the excuses and I'll dive right into mail calls and thank you's.

I have received three of my four afghan squares of the Crazy Afghan Squares #2. Wendy sent me a very nice package, so nice I thought it was from my SP9:

Slide the mouse over to see the square and the goodies.

She definitely did more than required!

Dashenka and Cassandra sent me two beautiful squares as well:

Swap-bot Crazy Afghan Squares #2

Speaking of my SP9, I finally know who she is. She sent me a final package with a letter:

SP9 Reveal Package

Like I said before, Sally was a wonderful SP, and I looking forward to keeping in touch with her.

One last package I received this week was a Valentine's package from my Sockret Pal:

Sock-ret Pal

"Pretty yarn, and it is soft!", says Principessa. Thank you, Sockret Pal, I love it too!

Just because I would not want you all think that all I do is receive packages, I have a FO that I can actually show:

EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

The famous EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in Lorna's Laces Sport, and no, 3 oz of sport weight yarn are not enough and I had to buy a second skein. While I think it is very fun to see the jacket emerge from this weird object I was knitting, I did not enjoy making it. Garter stitch is the knitting equivalent of a lobotomy, and I do not like the look of it. And I hate to count stitches, and the instructions are all in the form "when you have ### stitches do this or that" - just shoot me now.

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