Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's February

Someone must have stolen January, or maybe I just misplaced it - my family suggested it could be in my stash.
February, so ..... Project Spectrum. February/March is Blue, White, Gray, and I am starting with blue:

Cashmere DK

DK weight cahsmere almost solid, hand dyed by me, 1,000 yards of it. I have looked at all my book to find a shawl pattern for it, and then it struck me, why not my shawl? The original one is at the store, and it's not really my color, so ..... my shawl for me. Because this knitting for me business is not going too well - look at the finished projects 2007? Do you see anything for me? I don't. The Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar? Still waiting for the final touches. But I did work on it in January, so it does qualify for UFO Resurrection 2007. I was really good in January with this UFO business:

Wips Jan 2007

1. Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar from Book 2
2. Reynolds Dover Pullover
3. Inspiration Scarf - DONE!
4. Logcabin Blanket
5. Larkspur Hat
6. Simple Knitted Bodice
7. Debbie Bliss' Mia from the "Junior Knits"
8. Lacy Scarf - FROGGED
9. Jimmy's Baby Gift Sweater Set
10. Twin Set
11. Tiger Eye Lace Scarf
12. Foot in the Door socks
13. Jaywalker
14. Watermelon Socks
15. Sock-ret socks - DONE!
16. Lake Taneycome Sunset Socks - FROGGED

I frogged two projects and finished one. Now it is time to lay put my February plan - let's attack #9 (Jimmy's Baby Gift Sweater Set) and #14 (Watermelon Socks).

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