Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yarn and obsessions

The Yarn Harlot says that obsession is normal, so I am getting more normal by the minute because I have a new obsession: knitting podcast. HWME (he who makes espresso) bought me a iPod with the Nike thingy for my birthday in December. I really like it because it records my every day runs (yes, it does that once I understood how to use it, but let's not go there). Then I stumbled about this "podcast" thing - yes, I know that everybody else knew about it and I am the last one, just do not comment on it, or if you do, be gentle - and ...... I LOVE MY iPOD!
I have been listening to Lime & Violet practically no stop in the last three days (I am up to episode 11, trying to catch up) laughing all the time. I love Unwond (I just sent an Odeo to her for her weekly poll, is my voice weird in English or what?). I have downloaded all the Cast On episode but I haven't started to listen to them yet - I know that I need to. I will listen to It's a Purl, Man.
So basically, I have been downloading like crazy and my house has never been so clean and tidy. And here is where HWME goes around mumbling "if I only knew, if I only knew" while he stares at all his shirts laundered and ironed in his closet.
You see, it's a iPod so it's portable. I stick it in my pocket, earplugs in my ears, and I go around the house laughing and cleaning, laughing and ironing, laughing and cooking. I can listen to Lime & Violet all the time because I am actually doing something else and be very productive while I listen. I do not feel guilty listening to podcasts all day long. I LOVE my iPod, and my family does too.

Knitting? Yes, knitting.

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This UFO Challenge is working so well (yes, I know I can't count, there are 16 not 14 items in this photo), the sleeves of UFO #1 are done:

Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar

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