Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yarn and love

Before knowing that they needed to be 10.81 inches long, I have decided to knit my father some socks. Good thing I chose Thuja and a worsted weight yarn - I went from this to this:


in one evening. I love love this yarn, it has an unsurpassed springiness for a worsted weight 100% merino, very tightly spun, but as usual with STR, I am tepid about the colorway. Heaven would be to have Lorna's Laces colors, I am dreaming of Charcoal, with this yarn.
Speaking of great colors, Paperino wants socks too. He went through my sock yarn stash and came out with these two skeins:

Paperino and Koigu

Can you guess what it is? I can tell you this, I love him more than life itself, but I don't think he'll get those.

Note to myself: hide good yarn better, with a child proof lock.

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