Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yarn and inspiration

I did not finish my Thuja sock yesterday as I said because I remembered that today we are driving to friends up toward Napa and I need something to knit in the car - you can think whatever you went about socks, but they are the ultimate car drive knit. So I played with this:

SWTC Inspiration

SWTC Inspiration
, soysilk and alpaca, a dream to work with. It is sport weight, so I am doubling it to make a scarf on #10.

Update on Paperino's socks: he must have guessed that I think he is not Koigu worth (maybe the fact that I have hidden the stash was a hint?) So now he does not want hand knit sock anymore.

Here is the horrible truth: I am such a bad mother that I am so relieved that my stash is safe and I can just go to Old Navy. His feet grow too fast anyway.

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