Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's hats now

Remember when I started three scarves because I need to make one? Same story with hats now. A friend of mine who moved to Chicago is visiting this week, and we are going to have lunch on her birthday. Chicago = cold, I am told, so I made her a scarf when she left. It's time for a hat then.


The only completed hat was made with the handspun Michelle sent me and hand dyed by yours truly. Love the hat, but it is too small, I think. And I have enough for another hat, so I am thinking twin hats (even if I do not know any twins ......)

The hat on the right is a cabled hat in Inspirations Yarn Regular - not too sure about the colors for my friend.

The one on top is the winner, I think. Leftover stripes hat, i.e irregular stripes because it a leftovers hat.

ETA: I knew I was forgetting one:

Larkspur Hat

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