Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's all about scarves

A while ago I joined the ISE3 and I started the Tiger Eye Scarf for my pal:

Tiger Eye Scarf

for my pal. Of course I got distracted, started a gazillion other things, and I started to panic and think I will never finish in time - I do most of my knitting at my kids' soccer games and practice, and reading a chart while pretending to watch watching a game is not easy. So I thought, "why don't I (usually the most disastrous plans of my life start with "why don't I") make another scarf, just to be safe?"
So I started My So Called Scarf with some Magallanes from my stash:

My So Called Scarf

Oh so beautiful!
Oh so stiff, and that is not so good in a scarf. So I casted another one with some Colinette Skye:

My So Called Scarf

Oh so beautiful, oh so soft, but I do not think my pal likes purple. She said she likes red, gold, blue, and green. No purple in her list. Of course I should have checked before starting scarf #3, but that would have been too simple, right?

So, red, Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and Inspirations Yarn Cream:


So, now I have four scarves on the needles, and I am about to start another one this Sunday for the Red Scarf Project. A unisex scarf, so none of the ones I have would work (except the very stiff one that I would not call "scarf", more like "board"), that would be too simple. And I do need an excuse to cast another two or three.

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