Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is it Tuesday, right?

Hipknits Merino Sock Yarn

Last week a friend from the place I was working at emailed me to ask how is "not working". I meant to reply "busy", but I haven't had the time yet. He is a smart guy, he must have figured out that the answer is "busy" by now. That never happened to me before, not answering emails for a week. When I was working, all emails, personal and work related, got answered in 5 minutes.
Last week was half-days week, then the four days weekend, I thought I was on my way to recover when bang! Field trip.

Field trip means that Paperino has a different schedule, he told me in the car while driving to swimming. He needs to get on the early bus and he will get off school with the early birds.

Side bar, kids at Paperino's school are slotted in "early birds" and "late birds". I heard that some of the parents do not like their kids to be called "late birds" because it has a negative connotation. Note to myself: avoid those people, must be belong to the group who live chained to their watches (and that's the topic of another post.)

I am ok with putting him on the early bus, but I am not sure about him getting off school early as well. I ask Principessa, who has such a knowledge of school procedures that she could run it, and she confirms it. I should believe her, but while they are swimming I call the teacher at school. Of course Principessa was right.

Ok, I feel stupid. Then I open Paperino's backpack and I feel like an idiot - there, the note from the teacher saying that he need to be at school by 9 am and will get off school early. Great, now she thinks I can't read.

That yarn? Hipknits Merino Sockyarn, showed up in my mail with no return address and no card. I am completely puzzled, but very happy.

I can't read but I get yarn.

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