Monday, September 04, 2006

Midwest Moonlight

Midwest Moonlight
I think I was a vampire in a previous life, otherwise how can this increasing dislike of mine for sunlight be explained? Seriously, the sun here in sunny California is a killer. First of all, it is in the wrong position in the sky. No, don't laught, I am serious, even if I wear sunglasses everywhere, the sun snucks in from above the sunglasses and bang!, hits my eyes. It is because it is too high up in the sky, it is supposed to be lower. And I am near San Francisco, that's like the same latitude as Athens, last time I was in San Diego (that's like being in Lybia), I wanted to die. I am starting to understang why so many people wear those silly baseball hats all the time.
And moonlight sounds like heaven.

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