Friday, September 08, 2006

It happens every week

Every week there is a morning when I am alone in the house. The thought of it takes my breath away. 5.5 hours alone. Alone with the laundry. The realization that is going to happen every week was so startling that it took me two days to recover and blog about.
So, what did I do beside laundry?
Duplicate stitches, a gazillion of them. Remember my NBaT and my tale of almost running out of yarn? I made it, but I used every scrap I have so I had a million ends to weave in. That translates to a gazillion duplicate stitches, but as you can see, I did it. It took me two hours (Grey's Anatomy and Judging Amy) to weave in the ends of one sleeve. I has two sleeves, of course, and, as I said, 5.5 hours. So, I did it. And I finished the neck (for which I had to buy a second ball of yarn, different dye lot, but the second dye lot is on the inside, and that makes me really happy - happiness IS in a ball of yarn.)
So, I am happy. And Chicchina is happy too because she is getting a raglan sweater with yarn hand dye by me.

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